Welding Repairs and Fabrication

Welding Repairs and Fabrication

Heavy Duty Welding Services

Custom Welding & Fabrication Services for Heavy Duty Trucks Trailers and Equipment

Not every heavy duty technician or repair shop offers comprehensive and ticketed skill level welding services. When you are in need of custom welding & fabrication for your gear, you want to know that it’s done properly on time and to a standard that keeps your rig going like its new!

With over 20 years experience, Daysland Truck Trailer and Repair helps you avoid costly downtime and rework, we pride ourselves in getting the job done the first time!

Traditional Welding Skills

Welding & fabrication skills that put new construction and assembly to shame. If you’re looking for a custom job or a simple repair, our technicians will be able to help you get back on the road quickly.

We have 20 years experienced Red Seal Certified, AWS QCI Certification, and CSA Level 2 Welding Inspection accreditation.


Welding & fabrication needs are complex. We can handle any additions on to your current rig, no problem. However, there are a number of criteria that you you need to consider. For example, if you want to tow a trailer, you’ll need to ensure your hitch added to your truck is to the grade and scope required to ensure it can handle the rigours of our environment, as well as withstand the thousands of pounds of weight associated with hauling a trailer. Once you're rigged up, we'll ensure that you have backup lights and all the safety features that are required to make your vehicle road-ready.


Fenders take some of the worst that any highway has to offer, from rock chips, sand, grit and many other environmental issues that can damage your fender while hauling your heavy duty rig. You want your fenders fixed or reinforced by ticketed, experienced welders who understand how the various parts fit together and where reinforcements will add the most value.

Rust and Replacement Repair

If your rig travels everywhere, you come up against rusting and corrosive environments. The salt and chemicals used to treat the highways can result in unsightly and dangerous rust! All it takes is a bit of weakened and chipped paint which exposes your gear to rust and corrosion. If you catch the rust spots quickly you can stop them from spreading and causing problems with the structural integrity of your vehicle.

If you miss the chips, or you buy some used gear, we're here with our welding and fabrication services to help!

General Building

Welding & fabrication, chasis modification and repairing.



Our mobile service technicians are red seal truck & trailer journeymen mechanics. You name it- our professional and seasoned mobile technicians can fix it. No matter what your running, if you're in a bind give us a call at 780-263-8000.
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