Commercial Vehicle Inspection Stations

Commercial Vehicle Inspection Stations

You have places to go and people to see. So what happens when your semi truck doesn’t pass inspection? Trust us, it happens! Semi- trucks are required to go through weight scales through different parts of their routes. At many of these weight scales you will also need to pass an inspection in order to safely carry on Alberta roads. The province of Alberta has different facilities that ensure commercial vehicles operating on Alberta's roads are safe and compliant with commercial safety laws. The last thing a truck driver wants is to be stuck at an inspection sight wasting precious time and money. Luckily we are trained experts that have the ability to work efficiently to have you back on the road in no time. Daysland Truck Repair offers mobile truck repair services conveniently located near Northern Alberta truck stops and weight scales. We operate a 24/7 rescue service business to keep you moving.

Many highway breakdown problems are fixed on-site by our mobile truck repair mechanic services - getting you back on the road as soon as possible. In the case that your rig needs more attention, repairs can be performed from within our shop 24/7. Keeping your rig running and on the road is our top priority and the Daysland Truck and Trailer Repair units are ready to be dispatched immediately.

In the case where your rig does not pass inspection at a weight scale or truck stop, we are committed to coming to your service immediately. Our goal is always to keep your semi truck running and have you back on the road as quickly as possible. All of the Daysland service trucks are fully insured and come with vehicle diagnostic equipment capable of anything ranging from the ability to clear codes to programming specific customer parameters. We carry many common, quality parts and can work together to troubleshoot your trucks needs.

Daysland mobile truck repair is proud to work on a variety of repairs including but not limited to; brake repairs, engine repairs, suspensions, tire services and much more. We serve the Northern Alberta area and offer over 10 years of experience in helping with roadside assistance. We are fully equipped and trained to deal with breakdowns on the side of the road and can help minimize downtime and maximize your productivity by getting your semi- truck up and running fast.

Here is an updated list of all truckstops and weight scales north of Red Deer.

Here is a list of the truck stops:

And the weigh scales:


Our mobile service technicians are red seal truck & trailer journeymen mechanics. You name it- our professional and seasoned mobile technicians can fix it. No matter what your running, if you're in a bind give us a call at 780-263-8000.
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